Taker Trading Fee

Hi support,
I just took an offer for 0.01 btc. The documentation states that the taker fee is 0.6%. That is a fee of 0.006 btc for exchanging 1 btc, hence, should be 0.00006 btc for the 0.01 btc I exchanged.
But it looks like I was charged a taker fee of 0.00007 btc. I know it’s not a large amount but I just want to understand the logic. This is the transaction:


Here’s the most up to date trading fee information:

Perhaps you were thinking about the security deposit which is 0.006btc

@Bayernator thanks so much!
Nope, I wasn’t confusing it with the security deposit but it seems I looked at some outdated FAQ: FAQ ‹ Bisq - A decentralized bitcoin exchange network

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Awesome. Ya those FAQs need updating! thanks for the link.

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