Target Tor users and Torproject itself. Bash CloudFlare BTC sites

Most centralized BTC exchanges compromise both security and ethics by putting their sites on CloudFlare. This article explains why CloudFlare is harmful to all:

CloudFlare is very harmful to the Tor community in particular. So whenever someone mentions a CloudFlare-MitMd bitcoin service, they should be directed to bitsquare as a secure option.

Note that the Tor project itself uses a Tor-hostile service (bitpay). Efforts should be made to get the Tor project eating their own dogfood, as well as to simply point out bitsquare as one of very few Tor-friendly options to Tor users. We should monitor this Tor ticket and pressure them off bitpay:

Thanks for posting! Really big contradiction that they use BitPay with CloudFlare.


I have been trying to convey this to people for YEARS!