TDBank and Zelle/clearXchange

TD Bank in the US offers account holders a “send money” service, which is apparently built on top of the Zelle/clearXchange platform. Can I therefore use the Zelle catagory of payment with Bisq and be assured that my payments will work? Has anyone used this successfully? Thanks for any insights.

Here’s what TDBank says about Zelle:
"The Zelle App (a person to person payment service) will launch on September 12. Zelle is a branded P2P payment solution that is owned by EWS (Early Warning Services).

What is Zelle?

_Zelle is the new consumer facing name for the ClearXchange P2P network solution _
EWS owns the Zelle/ClearXchange payment network that has over 18 participating financial institutions in the U.S.
At this time, EWS will also begin transitioning their P2P users from to the Zelle app
How does Zelle impact TD Bank’s Send Money service?

TD Bank’s Send Money is serviced through the Zelle network
Using the Zelle app will have virtually the same functionality as using Send Money on TD Bank’s app or However, not all Send Money activity will show in the Zelle app
Send Money activity will always show in TD Bank’s Send Money history"

Since no one has any input on this;
is there a way to test payment methods with a small about of money with someone? I would like to see if I can successfully send some and recieve money to someone who has successfully used Zelle or clearXchange, before I try it for real on the exhange.

Well, that kind of test would require trust if you don’t use Bisq, so you would have to do it at your own risk.
There are users here that claim they use ClearXchange regularly.

@jkepler talked about ClearXchange alot on this forum, he might be interested, but as I said, someone will have to trust someone here, you could use an escrow if you both trust someone else tho.

I’m unfortunately not in a position to help. While I’ve used ClearXchange extensively in the past, they’ve removed at least one feature from it in the rebranding to Zelle, and (in my opinion) they’re now endangering all their users.

In order to send money via Zelle, one must have a US cell-phone number to receive an SMS confirmation code as the find step in sending the payment. Because I live in Europe, even though I have a US SIM card in my phone, Zelle won’t let me send… they detect I’m overseas and refuse to send the SMS, effectively blocking me from using their services. And all that while we know that SMS is a broken and insecure means of second factor authentication… hence my claim that they’re actually endangering their users.

Thanks for considering it Maybe someone in the US will consider helping me test it? It’s good to know that Zelle requires SMS, as I do not have a cell phone, so that is a problem for me. Perhaps there are computer based SMS simulators or services , tho I suspect they are even more insecure.

Hey I don’t know if you figured this out yet. But I am in your same situation. My Zelle is set up, I think. Its just linked inside my Wells Fargo online account. I would like to know if it is working before I put down a deposit and have the chance of losing it.
If you PM me we can send each other a few cents to confirm its working