Techical issues stopping post trade process


Hi Support its seems that because my internet service has been degraded, I cannot complete a trade. no matter how long I wait to try to click on “Payment Started”, BISQ tells me that I am not fully connected. Even when I hit Alt-o, I get the same error, I need to hit “Payment Started” As I have already paid the seller. I have about two days left. I seem to be have some issues lately and my ISP will resolving this issue soon.

Trade ID KLHFMJLT-fcdbb7ea-2b1e-47da-9a8e-6487f90ddf62-080
Arbitrator: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999

Please let me know if you need any more information.


In case you don’t get to a good Internet connection in those 2 days, we can let your arbitrator know that you will not be able to respond.

For future reference, your arbitrator is keo.


Hello Support, it is extremely unlikely the issue will be resolved in time. Just spoke to my ISP and they advise that although a tech has been assigned, they have a shortage of techs due to other emergencies that have occurred. I would appreciate if you could contact keo. Fyi, how is knowing the name of the arbitrator helpful for me?


@keo is away for the week-end and will only be available from monday.
He reads regularly the forum and will certainly be aware of your case.


You can just send him a PM here.
As Homrad says, it will take some time for him to respond anyway, so best we can do is wait anyway for the trade to expire.


So A tech has been around and resolved the issue, I have 2 hrs left. Only thing now is that the “Payment Started” button is greyed out, I cannot select it. I am now able to hit alt-o and create a support ticket. I will write down the issue in there. Thanks for all the help.


I closed the dispute now. I had technical problems for quite a few days making it impossible to arbitrate, but they are resolved now.