Testnet as a marketing and support tool

Having a functional testnet for Bisq could be a valuable onboarding and teaching device.
How will your trade look in Bisq
How will your trade function in Bisq
How does Bisq work without sacrificing fees.

Maybe we should consider running a few testnet nodes for marketing purposes?

There is already testnet for Bisq. You can just select testnet network in the Settings and everything will be done over Bitcoin testnet instead.
It is a fully functioning network with offers and trades on it, not much activity, but it is functional.

Bisq DAO is also enabled on this testnet network and can be used to prepare for the real DAO release.

Did you have anything else specific in your mind about the testnet network?

Right now, we are using testnet as a, ermm, testnet.
Maybe we could offer testnet as a learning platform?
For example, “How do I trade altcoin on Bisq?”
I can show you on testnet.

How do I create a trade for fiat on Bisq?
I can show you on testnet.

a high fidelity simulator is always the most effective way to train somebody or offer experience in a high leverage situation (money and/or safety)

@peoples ,
I have a Bisq client running on BTC_TESTNET right now.
I see 9 offers atm.
Is one of those offers yours ?
If you want to simulate some specific trade, maybe just announce it also here, and if another person is also interested with such simulation, he will trade with you ?
I’ll also keep an eye on my Bisq testnet client, seing if I can participate.

I’m not sure about what can be exactly simulated and how deep. But probably some 1st steps are doable.

Yeah, I actually think this is a good idea.
Nice way of showing confused users how the trade will look like.