Tether (USDT)

Probably not the first time to ask… Why we do not have possibilities to use some stable-coin for altcoin wallet?

First Bisq would need to see a lot of volume exchanged for BTC at Bisq.

Then, explore technical possibilities, I don’t know if such a semi centralized systems allow multisignature.

There are also decentralized stable coins running on Ethereum and other Blockchains.

The stablecoins that are based on ERC-20 token, are already supported without any technical issues, right?

USDC and TrueUSD are both available in the Bisq list but currently de-listed due to inactivity. If someone pays the listing fee and someone makes the market, they will become tradable without any new developer effort, if I understand correctly. Dunno why they are not popular in Bisq, I guess people just buy BTC directly for fiat, instead of tokenizing and then trading with tokens. Should be more popular though, it’s a convenient tool.



it’d be perfect.