The "cash/ATM" method should be "Cash To Seller's Bank"

I went to 3 different ATMs to try and send the seller cash. NONE of these ATMs would allow me to send funds to an account other than the accounts connected to the ATM card I put in the ATM. So the “cash/ATM” method is very misleading.

Maybe ATMs in Europe allow you to send cash to anyone, but not around here. I guess it could be a California thing, but I’m guessing it’s the U.S.A.

So when USD is selected as Preferred Currency, “cash/ATM” should not be an option as a method of payment. Maybe change it to “Cash To Seller’s Bank” and then list the name of the bank so the buyer knows if there is a branch around him or not.

Yes no more “ATM Deposit” just call it “CASH DEPOSIT to sellers bank” as in the USA no one can use an ATM to deposit cash or check into another owners bank account, even if both are with the same bank! The ONLY way to pay someone with cash is to WALK INTO THE BANK and MOST banks now REQUIRE ID to KNOW THEIR CUSTOMERS for big brother. Wells Fargo is one of the last banks where you can deposit cash without showing your ID. Bank of America requires ID, CHASE won’t even accept cash deposits into any personal checking account, only business checking accounts can still accept cash deposits. The war on cash is on…

Ok, will change the in the next release.

One display related issue to this type of payment methid. Can the “notes” for these types of offers be shown when you click on the actual offer? At the moment it only pops up as a tool tip, when i think it would be good to show on the main screen, especially when you want to know what bank the seller is using so you dont want to accept and find out later its for a bank that might not be convenient or not in your state. I hope you know what i mean, not in front of my computer right now.

Good point. I will add it to my todo list.