The deposit balance is not displayed correctly.

During an unfinished transaction, he replenished his internal Bisq wallet.
The transaction is displayed fully confirmed, but on the available balance it is not displayed,
only those BTC that were previously.

Later he replenished again, his internal account and also the transaction is not displayed on the available balance.
I use Linux.

deleted the SPV file. but after the restoration, as before, it does not have enough funds on the balance sheet from the last two transactions.

Now I’m waiting for the transaction to end, in order to send my BTС, and close the transaction, in the hope that the problem will be resolved, but I’m afraid that my referee may also encounter a problem.

Hello @Elvis, balance display issues are normally resolved with an SPV re-sync. Have you tried pressed ctrl+e or cmd+e. That is the wallet emergency tool and should display your entire wallet balance.

Atleast in that way you can confirm that your funds are there!

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