The first HATCH transaction on the BISQ

Today, the first HATCH transaction on the BISQ exchange was completed!
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… I don’t see HATCH in my Bisq v1.0.1.

and shows no great activity

In order for HATCH to appear in BISQ v1.1.1, you need to create a HATCH account.

To do this in BISQ v1.1.1, click Settings-> If not in Display Altcoins-> add altcoin-> HATCH
Make sure the HATCH appears in the Display Altcoins list.
After that, you need to restart the application by closing it and running.
Account-> Altcoin accounts-> Add new account-> in the Altcoin menu, select HATCH-> in the HATCH address field, type the address from HATCH Wallet-> Save new account. After that, you will have the opportunity to trade HATCH.
Download the HATCH wallet can be on the link
The list of deals of the BTC / HATCH pair is empty because there have not been any.
Thank you!

HATCH appears nowhere in Bisq v1.0.1.
Neither in Settings/Add altcoin, nor in the account menu.
You may still see it because you already added it in the past (which is a little appli bug).

btw, I just cannot understand how people can ask for an altcoin to be listed on Bisq
… and after that, be unable to even make a single offer !
This is losing everybody’s time and costs money to Bisq for a 0.000 ROI.
Hopefully we will be rid of those behaviours one day.

Thank you for your comments. I made changes to the original instructions before checking everything in detail. HATCH support is available in the BISQ v1.1.1 distribution. You will greatly help us if you complete the transaction BISQ.