The idea is GREAT but no mobile App.?!

hello everyone,

Been looking for such website for ages through google, which protect people identity and allow them trading with crypto-currencies fast and easy without middle-man fees…

Fortunately enough I found (Bisq.), but indeed was dissappointed that there is no (mobile application), that we can download and use instantly, to trade and exchange money with crypto-currencies and vice versa…

Also, I didn’t found any easy video on youtube or other website which explain the steps on (how to use bisq) Or (bisq for beginners) for example…

My questions:-

Will we see a (Bisq. app.) at play store in the very NEAR future?

Did the website creators consider raising funds(donations) to build and launch Bisq app. ?

Is there any materials on the internet that explain how to use bisq easily and indetails?

I think this is unlikely. As far as I know, no one is actively working on it.

There was already some donations for Bisq in the past that will serve as a basis for Bisq DAO token (colored bitcoins) called BSQ. Development will hopefully be funded through the DAO then.

Documentation and videos are being worked on, but until then you should be able to find some tutorials on YouTube when Bisq was called Bitsquare.

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