The impracticality of accepting a small trade

Just recently, someone advertised to sell .005BTC for cash using Zelle. I figured, this would be a good way to try out Zelle. The problem is, that the suggested mining fee was .003BTC, or 60% of the purchase/sale!

This is completely impractical, of course.

One option might be to reduce the mining fee to something like .0005 BTC, but this might take a long time to clear the blockchain, and I am wondering if that might cause problems with the trade and end in a dispute?

This may become more of an issue with the rise in crypto prices, because a .003BTC mining fee is no longer just a couple of dollars.

This is a global issue at the moment with Bitcoin, and completely outside of BISQ control. For eg. I wanted to buy pizza from (who actually accept Btc for home delivery :slight_smile: ). This has become completely impractical for two reasons:
1: The mining fee would be more than the cost of the pizza
2: There is a good chance that the payment could take a few hours to complete, by which time my hunger would be past satisfying

The solution is hopefully coming soon in the form of:

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