The must have bitcoin problem to use bitsquare

Howdy, love the bit^2 idea and the software as is right now is pretty nice, cant wait for future improvements and adoption…hopefully :wink:

Ok, so i saw a tweet saying that people should get their first bitcoin with bitsquare and giggled…

Butt…cant this be solved within the software? Some sort of lending system that users can lend other users, and when they do make their first trade/purchase the software returns the loaned money back to the lender…helll…maybe with interested ha…

I know there are some efforts to get bitsquare running on the rpi (does rokbox know about the new bounty?)
And it sort of sucks that this wasnt split into a server/client model to enable running on cheap vps headlessly…pi’s etc…is this something that would be done down the track if it turns out the rpi2 is not speedy enough to run acceptably?
Nobody really wants their machine on all day to have their offers available

good luck…

i wish i stuck to coding back in the day…never too late to learn i suppose.
and its a damn shame banks dont have api’s hey…(not here anyway)

Thansk for your input!

That solution with a micro lending system is already considered. Though I am not sure if there will be really a market. If you need to pay interest rate you probably think twice and find a friend who is borrowing the small btc amount for starting.
But might be an option for later.

Server/client model is similar. There migth be some people who are willing to rent a server (or buy a RPi) for running bitsquare there and just connect via a light client, though as it causes some costs, I assume there will not be many, and the efforts for implementing that, are considerable. But it is also on the future roadmap once there are enough resources.

For the moment there is so much else to do and still not enough devs to just cover the actual work load that I need to postpone all those plans… But definitely interesting options!

I came with a suggestion for this:
Please let me know what you think of it :slight_smile:

In the big picture, I’d like to see folks complementing Bitsquare with P2P – face-to-face – transactions. Is there a Bitcoin meetup group near you? Ad in the paper? (though I sure do understand that this is inappropriate in some places). Got family members overseas who can get Bitcoin, and send some to you?

Satoshi square was the inspiration for Bitsquare’s name, so yes I would love to support that. Just have not found a solid idea how it makes sense. Also too much else on the table atm…

I’m also very interested in a headless setup, and I imagine that anyone who is hanging orders out there would be as well. If I imagine my ideal setup I would run the software on my always-on, always-connected server at home, and if I had hooks into that engine I could have it send me an email/sms if someone wanted to trade with me. Then I’d want to be able to fire up the frontend locally from my laptop or mobile phone interchangeably. I can partway there now by running the software in linux in a vnc server that I can connect to be this is a bit clunky.

There’s already some code written for a headless machine. Hang in there.

@mepistol has managed to get it running on a vps with remote desktop (see forum/github). 2 devs are working on APIs, so that might partially help, but to have the whole trade process supported will prob. take more time/effort and then you prob. want a UI so that will be extra effort.

Yeah, having done a couple trades I can see there’s a lot to do to make it work headless, I guess I’m trying to figure out what’s the best setup to use if you want to hang offers out there continuously. Ultimately you need an always-on, always-connected machine to do that and that’s ok but for me that means a machine that is headless. So I can run it on that box in linux within a vnc-server but on the other hand I don’t want to all the time have a VNC client running just so I can check to see if someone want to trade with me. So in my ideal world I can leave the instance running and there’s be some means of notification that would show up on my mobile phone at which point I could open up a VNC client to connect to my running instance. The notification to my phone I can build myself if there was some API to talk to the running app instance.

A notification to the mobile would be great to have anyway. It should support the privacy model of Bitsquare well (so no introduction of Google/Apple centralized services). I have not lokked closer into that hot to do that but if u have a concrete idea let me know. I might sponsor that dev work with a bounty.
Alternatively email notification might be used as well…

Pushing an SMS costs AUD 0.37 a message in 500-off purchase lots. Who will pay for that? People already complain about the 0.0005 BTC trade fee here, which is a similar cost.

And however it is done, the service will be centralized.

Because Bitsquare already pushes notifications to the OS, it should be left to the OS to decided what to do next. The user could write, install etc an app to push a notification to an email/sms/whatever service.

No there is no OS push notification. It was planned but nothing impl. yet.

I was asking the signal guys if they have an API to use their service for push notitifications, but did nto get an answer. Sure non SMS would be better, best to let the user decide what to use (sms, email, whatsApp/Signal,…). But my main concern is if it can be done in a privacy protecting way…

Huh, odd as notifications do seem to be pushed on Gnome. In any case, OS notifications is a good idea, perhaps better than the custom pop-ups that appear when trades are matched etc.

I tried to mimik OS notifications but it is inside the java app…

Does the app presently have a means to expose application events to some external component? I’m thinking I provide a path to my .jar file and the class to be created such that when interesting things happen I can make them “do stuff” as appropriate. So like

package io.bitsquare.external

public interface ExternalInterface
void notify(String msg);

package org.bluecustard.bitsquarestuff
import io.bitsquare.external;

public class Extension extends io.bitsquare.external.ExternalInterface
public notify(String msg)
// now get my notification sent to the OS, SMS to my phone, etc.

I imagine people such as myself would be happy to share such extension .jars with others in source form. In general I think an entire monitor/control interface would be beneficial but if there was a simple event notification available that would already go a long way and allow me to run headless the way I’d like to.

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Nothing implemented, but would be a good idea.
There is API dev in progress, but not for notifications.
Feel free to add it and do a PR, I will not have time soon as I need to focus on the Bitsquare Foundation.