The seller released the amount locked but I didn't pay him/her

How can I contact him/her to give it back (refund)?

I can’t reopen the support ticket or talk to the arbitrator.

Can’t you just pay them?

I had troubles to do the transfer.
But, yes, I can try again.
Although it would be better if I could talk to the arbitrator, at least.

What is the onion address of your arbitrator?
You can send him a PM here and explain the issue to him.

Either way, thanks for your honesty :blush:

Is it possible here?
Like a private message in this forum?

yes it is possible here to contact the arbitrators privately here :
my4t3kedin7k63a6.onion:9999 -> @arbitrator1
s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999 -> @keo.

Thanks Homard.
I’ll try to reach the arbitrator.

By the way, at the moment, are there only these two?

There are overall more than 2 arbitrators,
but atm, there are only 2 arbitrators simultaneously managing arbitrage.
They change from time to time.
With normal functioning 2 arbitrators are enough, since there are only very very few real disputes.
99.x% of disputes are due to technical issues (timeouts etc)

(The planned roadmap intents to partially replace arbitrators with mediators, in order to only reserve arbitrators for difficult cases).

DAO is launching in less then 2 weeks probably, so with it we get the ability of fully decentralized arbitration system.

Is it possible to suggest an option to reopen the ticket so that we can talk to the arbitrator after the transactions is settled?

I mean, in some cases, something goes wrong or some misunderstanding may happen - like in this case.

I think this happened this time because it was the second transaction I made with the seller (both small), but in the second one he presented different and insufficient information that made impossible the bank transfer to be done.

Thank you.

Best way to suggest an option is to open an issue, clearly written, on
Notice however that:
1/ the plans for the future are to reduce the appeal to the arbitrators, not to increase it,
2/ in order to help with 1/ there may be more communication made possible between the traders, (but this needs some brainwork and some dev).

Once a dispute is closed the funds from the multiSig is paid out and the arbitrator cannot do anything anymore.