The trade protocol encountered some problems. The trade contract is not set

“Taker’s trade price is too far away from our calculated price based on the market price. The trade protocol encountered some problems. The trade contract is not set. The trade cannot be completed and you might have lost your trade fee. If so, you can request a reimbursement for lost trades”



One time occurrence overnight while my offer (maker buy) was open.

Dell laptop, Win 10 Pro


In case it’s a node issue, so I resynced the SPV file, restarted Bisq, but the error didn’t clear. Tried contacting a mediator to try and recover the trade fee before moving it to “Failed trades” folder and got: “The deposit transaction is null. You cannot open a dispute without a valid deposit.” There’s a Maker fee transaction ID but no Deposit transaction ID. I moved the trade to Failed folder, and it’s still showing in Open Trades. Thanks.

By the error displayed, your node and your peer’s price index was too different.
To prevent abuse of different market prices, offers can’t be taken when this happens and there was no deposit tx set. Move it to failed trades and make sure that you have not paid any trading fee. If you did, go to github support and make a claim to fee refund agent.

Can you reach us at Keybase so you don’t leak private data?

I’m having trouble accessing the chat window. When I try, the chat window isn’t opening: SS keybase XZMUXN chat issue — Postimages

Maybe try on another device. Keybase can be installed on mobile as well. Keybase

Also check out Keybse book if needed for set up guides

Thank you.