The transaction is replenished only on my part


I have a problem whose solution I did not find in the documentation

My Bisq is v1.1.5 (current fresh version)

One of the deals I have is hanging on the first step.
For my part the security deposit transaction has long been confirmed (i am taker): 4604f83e0606caba1e560e2232e26e00f9f4eb2219e73c198cc38afdf0aa9a70
But the transaction of the other side is missing (from maker) in blockchain: 7934360e93d1e90df89c22e70a83ab719cf61394de2a54b67b5b2dbda6e6dd5d

Every day i see this deal in “Current deals” tab (sorry my version of Bisq is not english so i translate) and the time left is always ~ 6 days (although almost 6 days have already passed since the start of the transaction). Thus apparently this deal will hang forever until I do something.

I don’t know how to call an arbitrator to sign a refund. I do not see the buttons in the interface. Apparently, it would have appeared when the transaction expired but it is constantly extended from the current date by 6 days in advance.

What can I do to get my security deposit back to me and cancel the transaction as a failed one?

P.S. I already did resync SPV chain - it didn’t help

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I found that i can use Ctrl + O shortcuts for dispute. I did it and posted my description text there (from the Bisq)

Hi, @Perlover. From your description, it seems that the maker transaction wasn’t properly broadcast to the Bitcoin network but the Bisq software still accepted it as a valid “make offer transaction”. You’ve done the right thing by opening a dispute. You should also request a reimbursement of your lost trading fee by following this template.