"There is an issue with a missing or invalid transaction", help needed

For the first time in three or more years of using Bisq I got a popup error message:

There is an issue with a missing or invalid transaction.

Please do NOT send the fiat or altcoin payment.

Open a support ticket to get assistance from a Mediator.

Error message: Deposit transaction is null or has unexpected input count.

Also for the first time I have two active trades open at the same time, BTC/GBP and ETH/BTC. I do not know which trade the error message applies to, but ETH/BTC was selected in the Portfolio Open Trades tab. Both trades have reached and exceeded the required number of block confirmations.

Since closing the popup message I see nothing in the Bisq app to indicate there may be a problem.

I am using Bisq v1.6.2 but I cannot see how to Open a support ticket to get assistance from a Mediator. I have neither sent or received any payments yet and have until about UTC 2021 May 3rd at 12:00 to complete the trades, can anyone offer some help or advice on how I should proceed?

I have been getting this error too. I thought it might just be me.

I was getting the error message every-time an offer is taken? For me it appears immediately when offer is taken but then goes after a few seconds. The error message stays as a notification.

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The trade completes successfully though.

I have not had the message on my last few trades.

Have your trades gone though ok?


Yes, both trades completed successfully and without problem, though the warning message left me worried during the process.

The message happened to me only this once, so I have not enough information to identify what or at which point it happened except I believe it may have triggered when my second trade, ETH/BTC, was taken.

Thanks for letting me know.

1.6.3 will be released this week. I would recommend upgrading to that and then letting me know if it is still an issue. I will create raise it as a GitHub support issue if it is.

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