Thread for alternatives to Revolut - can Bisq add these payment methods?

TLDR; Revolut treats their customers like shit and are very unprofessional. At some point you may get your account locked and may have to file a report with the UK authorities to get your funds back. You have been warned. Revolut is no longer safe to use, imo. From what I gather, they’re currently trying to meet regulations for becoming a full-fledged bank which has resulted in them taking their KYC/AML procedures to the extreme. They’ll lock accounts for seemingly no reason and withhold your funds. The customer service is remarkably unprofessional. They’re very difficult to contact, no phone number (to speak with a human) and if they lock you out of the app you can’t even reach the chat. Twitter searches show that many have experienced similar issues with them.

Anyway, the advantage of Revolut was the ability to transfer funds instantly between users. This faciliated Bisq trades and is superior to e.g. SEPA which will often take 2-4 days. There are fortunately other services that allow instant transfers the same way as Revolut does. Can Bisq consider adding any or all of the following?

Screenshot was taken from >this BitcoinTalk thread<. Please take a look at this thread too.

Can we please discuss the possibilities of adding any of those services as payment methods in Bisq? I have not tried any of them myself, reviews are welcome, as well as suggestions for any other services that may be used for Bisq trades.

Found a Reddit thread where people seem to be satisfied with Bunq and N26

N26 seems to have been behaving in similar ways to Revolut according to this thread

I worry that all these payment services will suffer the same pressures into KYC/AML and behave in similar manner. We probably could create a spreadsheet and have the community chime in in pros and cons and compare them.