Ticker api

hi all any ideas why this does not work


MQX has been delisted due to inactivity.
(See DAO/Asset listing in the Bisq appli).
It seems there was not even 1 trade, that’s why there is nothing to see in https://markets.bisq.network

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Note that if you want to get it listed again you just have to pay the listing fee under the Asset Listing Fee tab in the app. The fee is 1 BSQ per day you want it to be listed with a minimum of 30 days. This will enable trading of the asset again for the chosen period and it won’t be delisted as long as it trades at least 0.01 BTC over the chosen period.

The activity is checked for each new block as a rolling window over the chosen period. So with a longer window the asset is more likely to stay listed if there is any trade activity. If there is no trade activity at all it will of course be delisted again eventually. This is all managed by the software and handled automatically by the user clients.