Tickets remain open, cluttering UI

Got some tickets opened to which the arbitrators stopped responding or something went wrong and the ticket was closed on their end but never registered on my side.

Besides always having the red notification in the Support tab, the “Locked” funds (top right) is always incorrect because of this.

Bear in mind there is actually no BTC stuck (other than the most recent case, but that one the arbitrator hasn’t actually replied at all yet, that’s probably why), in history the tx history shows them being returned.

Would it be possible to add functionality to ignore/shadow such tickets and adjust the red notification and “locked” funds count accordingly?

Has anyone else seen the same ?

You might just be able to reopen the tickets with cmd+o and ask for them to be closed again.

The ticket isn’t closed though, that’s the thing.

I don’t know if the arbitrator just stopped responding, or if the software failed to register that the ticket is actually closed.

It’s also possible that you have to wait a bit in order to get an answer from the arbitrator.
Especially if you open multiple tickets (is it the case ?).

In the other thread I opened, maybe that’s the case. All the other cases are from months ago, at some point after the case being solved the arbitrator just stopped responding (from my poinit of view) and Bisq never claimed that the ticket was closed, yet in the tx history I got the refund, which I then had to move to another Bisq wallet address for it to register with the software (“Available balance”).

However something clearly broke internally, because the “Locked” funds were not updated. I guess Bisq only decides to update the “Locked” balance when the ticket is actually closed.

I suggest we contact the arbitrator here for the latest issue then, if he hasn’t responded for more than 24h. You should be able to find his onion address in the app.

Perhaps you should withdraw your funds from this account and switch to a new data directory. You can find more info on how to do this at