Time out error in middle of trade - Fee reimbursement

I just tried to purchase some BTC. In the middle of confirming my trade I received a time out error. But my .01 BTC was still taken (nearly $100, not a trivial couple bucks). It needs to be returned. Please inform.

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Trade ID: 3116661-8d187ca1-21db-456a-9316-68fdcf837510-065
Transaction: a1c10543cf1bd7d3f370989cd7fd21db4f40bce3c6bc82c4ed7c427f2a3008e4

Can you open a dispute by pressing alt+o?

Can you provide more information? Have you taken an offer? Do you see the trade under portfolio/open trades? The tx you posted seems like a trade fee tx which did not lead to a deposit transaction.

I was attempting to be a taker on a sell request of BTC. Right after funding the offer with .01BTC i received a message that there was a “Timeout Error” and that I may lose the taker fee. Sure enough, the taker fee was taken and the offer showed up in the “Failed” section of my portfolio. It is still there, with all the info. So, someone ended up with my .01BTC, which I can only assume is being held in some multi-sig contract somewhere. I would like that returned as I was acting in good faith and it was no fault of my own that the transaction failed.

Attached is a screenshot of the failed transaction.

Thank you!

No worry the funds are at your local wallet. Can you check the balance if it matches the expected amount? Cross check with the wallet tool opened by cmd+e. The balance there must match the available balance+ reserved for offers balance. If not got to settings/network and resync the wallet by deleting the spv chain file.
The trade fee is lost in your case but you can request a reimbursement from @cbeams.
Such cases can happen if the maker just loses network connection in the short time window when you take the offer.

Ok, I looks like the .01 taker fee was returned, I think… The mining fees were only a few bucks so not worried.

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Good to hear! Thanks!