Time out when trying to take offer

Twice I have tried to take an offer but both times it timed out. Unfortunately my taker fee is lost. I am posting this, since I am reluctand to try to take the offer again,
I have traded on bisq before, but was the maker in that case.
Can somebody tell me what is going on? Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with bisq?

Timeouts happen sometimes on Bisq. Might be due to Tor connections or something.

Try restarting your PC and taking another offer. It is possible that only that offer is buggy.

Hello Alexej996,
Thank you for your reply. I will try that.
Just out of curiosity, how can an offer be ‘buggy’? Aren’t they all created the same way?

In theory yes. In practice tor connections brake, clients don’t respond to taking of an offer, transaction maker fees don’t get properly broadcasted or confirmed.

Things happen. Devs do a good job to minimize the risk of bugs, but there are countless number of things that can go wrong in this delicate system.

i thinks it was the same ‘buggy’ or batter called bait-offer from FEB 8, i also lost 2x taker fee and tx costs. the order was a fixed order below the market, so very enticing. to sell btc at 3020 when the market was already at 3200, a bank from Spain was involved.
How did he sneak in, and how high was the damage/theft from fellow bisq traders?
I would appreciate you publishing the total disaster, and explain how to prevent in the future.
There is an old saying: If it is too good to be true…
Should this be applied now to all bisq-trades with quotes better than the market???
Curious for the opinions.


I am sure it is just a bug. These things happen in Bisq and due to Bisq being decentralized, devs can only see public information, which doesn’t allow us to track everything.

We just need to see if devs figure a more reliable way to deal with offers in Bisq client.

You can ask for reimbursement for the fees at https://github.com/bisq-network/support/issues. Arbitrators should be able to return the fee for failed trades if it turns out it was due to bug.