Time to reconsider and add BCH to Bisq

I would personally as someone who uses Bisq(mainly for BTC and XMR), I think it is a great tool, and believe it is time to request the reconsideration of adding BCH back to Bisq as an altcoin.
Would it really be that hard to just add it as an alt coin with a wallet address like the other alts?

The reason to de-list bch was a political one, not technical. This is the process to list an asset on Bisq.

Removed assets can’t be re-listed. I think Bisq made a good move removing it. Bitcoin chromium should be removed as well, as it could confuse some users.
Why do you think it should be listed again? Except XMR, alts don’t have too much volume on Bisq and I don’t see why BCH should be an exception.

I think that BCH has shown since the original (as someone said ‘political’) decision was made during the initial BTC/BCH infighting, BCH to me has successfully carved out its place that is a little different than BTC.

BCH is now the #4 coin (or #5 depending on what site you use to view rankings) by monthly volume behind only BTC, Tether, and Etherium(maybe Ripple), and that is pretty much enough as it is to me to be included compared to other altcoins such as LiteCoin, Zcash, Dash, Monero etc that are already included in Bisq. That might mean that BCH if available on Bisq could become one of the more popular alts in use on Bisq, and could drive even further adoption of Bisq. After all to be successful a distributed trading platform like Bisq needs as many users as possible, so it seems really shortsighted and silly to not include the #4 most traded coin at this point.

Now that all the dust has settled at this point it seems that BCH is becoming a possible contender for the coin to use for quick small transactions at the 7-11 or Gas Station to buy a Snickers and Pepsi, or the Laundramat to pay for your dry cleaning, whereas in comparison BTC is still staying as the preferred long term storage coin.

I was skeptical at first with the original split, but I believe that BCH has proven at this point its not a scam and that it can live alongside BTC successfully by staying in its own niche.

It does not even seemed to have hurt the value of BTC as some originally predicted it would. BTC had a number of good runs after the BTC split, and BCH’s price has gone off onto its own direction.

I think it is seriously time to re-consider bringing BCH users back into the community.

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I don’t share the distaste for bch nor the paternalistic attitude most bsq holders seem to share that makes them want to protect traders from scam - at least not instinctively. So I’d welcome bch being added.

That said, it isn’t obvious to me that bch would generate great volume on Bisq. It is readily available in other exchanges and my prejudice of the bch community tells me that they wouldn’t flock to Bisq.

Anyways, in order to get it listed you’ll probably need to convince the bsq holders. I’ve linked above the process to list an asset. Maybe make a proposal on github.com/bisq-network/proposals/issues and ask for thumbs up and down to measure the sentiment.

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Sorry for my information but it seems Bisq isn’t currently accepting the listing of assets.

BCH is a shitcoin which only has value for speculation/ trading. It has not place on Bisq IMO.