Timeout error when trying to confirm offer to sell BTC

I have just tried to take an offer to sell a small amount of Bitcoin. This never happened before so I am not sure what went wrong.

When I clicked the button to confirm nothing changed and then I got a pop up message saying that there was a timeout error and I may have lost the taker fee.

Can somebody help me out here?

There might have been a connection loss in the process of taking the offer from the peer (e.g. if the peer went offline).

OK, so why do I lose the fee if that is what happened?

There is a tiny time window in which a connection loss caused the loss of the fee as that is paid in the step before. The take-offer process is a multi step handshake protocol and the fee payment is the last one before the deposit gets created. If the peer disappears in that last step the fee is already sent.

The offer was there before I tried to take it and it was still there after I logged out and logged back in again. There was also no loss of connection on my end. I would be very cautious of using a service where I can lose a fee due to something that was not my fault.

If the connection was lost for whatever reason then the offer should not have been still available. Also looking back through your forum, this does not appear to be an isolated incident.

Yes it happens from time to time. As said there is a gap where it can happen and the tor connection might break and be re-established. I could not reproduce it so far so it is hard to investigate if there are other reasons what causes it. Anyone is welcome to help here…

I had the same problem and paid fees which are not tiny.
This exchange is more dysfunctional than it works. I’m done with it, I can’t do any business here and I’m just paying fees for nothing. Goodbye.

Hi, last version had changes in the trading protocol and had many issues. v1.9.9 is a hotfix that should improve your experience.
You can claim lost trading fees due to failed trades at Issues · bisq-network/support · GitHub