Timeout reached. Protocol did not complete in 60 sec

As written in the subject: I tried to buy bitc via bisq but after depositing and proceeding in the process, I was getting the message: Timeout reached. Protocol did not complete in 60 sec.
Fortunately my deposit is not blocked and resides in my bisq-wallet, but i have costs sending ist to the wallet and I am left now with a failed trade and fees for the transaction to the bisq-wallet. What to do ?

Addition … Bisq Software tells me:

The trade protocol has found a serious problem.

The trade contract is not fixed.

The trade cannot be completed and you may have lost the trading fee. If this is the case you can request a refund of the lost trading fees here:(1)

Do you want to move the trade to the failed trades ?

You cannot open mediation or arbitration on the failed trades page, but you can move a failed trade back to the open trades page.

… What to do ?

Ask for a refund here: Issues · bisq-network/support · GitHub
I’m not completely sure that you need a refund, for that I should look at the details of your transactions. You can share this if you want to at Keybase

Hey @Risibisi, were you the maker or taker in this trade?