To certify ownership of a bank account: solution

Get Yoti to your phone and verify your identity with the app.

  1. The buyer shares the full name with the seller using the app (chat)
  2. The buyer makes the payment
  3. The seller validates the buyer’s account name on his bank statement
  4. The seller releases the coins
  5. Done

I would definitely NOT advise anyone to use a system like Yoti. To me this seems like a huge privacy risk. Do not trust your personal info to companies like that.

The whole idea of Bisq is that you do not have to compromise on privacy.

Yoti knows nothing about Bisq or your private affairs. Privacy and anonymity is one of their core principles.

truthfully, I have not read exactly what yoti is about, so maybe you’re right. I would not like it though, to need to use another app/company to use bisq.

Yoti must be an optional feature.