Today Bisq's Growth Call : 08:15-09:15GMT - about v0.8.0/F2F/mobile etc

Today Bisq’s Growth Call : 08:15-09:15GMT - about v0.8.0/F2F/mobile etc

  • Date: Thu August 23rd
  • Time: 11:15a–12:15p Pacific / 8:15p–9:15p Central European
  • Place: YouTube livestream, see Call Details below

Today Christoph wants to talk about our new (yesterday) release : Bisq-v0.8.0.

He’ll show how to pair your mobile phone with your Bisq client and get notifications on certain activities.

We could also talk about face to face trades, rounded fiat values, our new localization proposal that is up for voting and answer all other questions.

If you want to help Bisq grow, then this is the meeting to attend!

Everyone is welcome, and there’s no need to RSVP or register.

You can join directly from our youtube channel :
which doesn’t require registration.
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