Tor blocked in Russia

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as I told you on Twitter here is my reply:

First I am surprised that Tor is blocked in Russia. Though I doubt it is that efficiently blocked lie in China.
So one way would be to try to use a VPN.
If that does not work it does not look so good as you cannot access your app data if the P2P network fails.
So you probably dont know the trade IDs.
In dispute case if a peer is not responding for 2 days he will lose his security deposit. So if I would know your trade IDs I could make an exception here and we just wait until you are back (how long does that take?).
Beside that I fear there is only the solution that you send me your complete data directory with wallet password and trust me that I don’t steal your funds :-).

In future we will implement a solution to pass over such Tor blocks (specially for China) but that needs more work and time.

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Apparently Tor is not blocked.
But I couldn’t make connection, no matter how I tried. I tried internet at the hotel, at work, and via my telephone, and I couldn’t get connected for about two days. Now it’s working fine.

Strange. If you find out the reason let us know.