Tor Settings Not Saving on Bisq Restart

Hello there, I’m a new Bisq user and just installed it yesterday. In order to access Tor, I have to use a bridge. However, as expected, Bisq hangs at (1/4) Connecting to Tor network… After a small wait the Open Tor Settings button pops up. When I open this and add a bridge, it shows at the bottom of the screen to restart the app. So after I do this, and I restart Bisq, and the same thing happens again. The Tor settings don’t save when I change them, so on next startup the bridge that I selected is gone. If anyone could help, or if this is a bug, anything is appreciated. Thanks!

I’m on macOS if that is needed.


try this, edit file bisq/

add the following:

# A list of torrc-entries to amend to Bisq's torrc. Note that torrc-entries, which are critical to Bisq's flawless operation, cannot be overwritten. [torrc options line, torrc option, ...]

replace with your bridge

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