Tor v2 Addresses

In October 2021 support for tor v2 address will end (Onion Service version 2 deprecation timeline | Tor Blog). Is there a possibility to migrate to a new v3 address without stopping all trades and offers at the same time?

According to this wiki page Local reputation - Bisq Wiki an existing onion key should not be deleted while having open offers etc.

It would be nice to be able to create new offers using already a new v3 address while slowly using up all old v2 based offers. A migration as smoothly as the migration to Segwit addresses has been in Bisq…


also the tor nodes bisq support is hsv2 only. witch will loose connectivity within 8 month from now.

i can only think of you copy your data (backup!!!) dir and remove the key on the copy. than the new will have a osv3 address and still access to funds and history. for still open offers, use the backup?

Now there is a wiki page explaining how the onion address can be changed to Tor v3:

You may have open offers when doing so. Open Trades or Disputes however should be finished before migration.

It worked perfectly.