Trade accepted - don't have enough funds - what to do?

my offer of selling CADs for BTC got accepted. But now I see I have to pay around $2200 CAD and not just $1800 which I have. Probably misunderstood the interface (wanted amount of btc valued $1800).

How should I handle it? Can I send $1800 and the arbitrator will later release just proportion of btc? Can they do it?

Or is it better to do nothing? Can find how much I will loose from my deposit.

I have 4h and 40 minutes :slight_smile:


You should click the “open dispute” button and let your arbitrator know what’s going on.

You mean after the money are sent?

Only button which I see is “Payment started”.

The open dispute button will show up once the trade period is over, you can open it before then by pressing cmd+o.

Note that this trade has gone into arbitration (one that I’m handling). Thanks all.