Trade appears to be stuck

Trade ID stvlu-22233b51-faee-4ec0-a1d6-c1a5a587ca94-080
Accepted yesterday but no progress in the app. All I’ve seen from the start is:

Please advise. Thanks.

Probably the best if you simply open a dispute with cmd+o.

Can you post the 3 tx IDs? You see them when u click the trade ID - then there is a popup and there are 3 tx ID (maker and taker fee, deposit tx).

Maker fee transaction ID: 2c8d2982da0bf11078a695d48c96a96afec37e21c1c8289f02db245c4dd80adf
Taker fee transaction ID: ef0e51e51da7db88bba49f59a9cb3526abbe4310b6990f8594e4732d291f6161

I don’t see the deposit tx ID in the popup?

Thx much.

Also just noticed I don’t have any BTC reserved in offers or locked in trades, though I seem to remember some was reserved in offers at some point. I funded everything with the available balance in my bisq wallet. And I was the maker, selling BTC through Chase Quickpay. (please let me know if there are other details you need)

Both fee tx are unspent and so no deposit tx was created. Did you get an error at take offer?
You can open a dispute with cmd+o and tell the arbitrator that no deposit tx was created and refer him to that discussion. He can close then so you get removed the trade from pending trades.
Check with cmd+e if the wallet displayed there is the same as in the UI of available+reserved balance.

Didn’t get an error at take offer. I’ll open a dispute as you advise. Thx.

cmd+o brings up Open Support Ticket dialog, but when I click Open Support Ticket, nothing happens…I selected the trade and tried it multiple times.

You should see an enry in the support screen and a red icon at the support menu item. Otherwise please PM me the log files (at account/backup)