Trade as seller but got from different account details and amount

Hello, I’m new to bisq and tried selling my very few of BTC. I accepted a buyer offer.
A day later I received a payment with the Trading-ID but the amount is a little higher (1-2%) as the amount set in trade information.

name does partially match.
payment amount does not match.
account code does not match.
bank code does also not match.

The surname matches, but not the other letters if compared to buyer account information on trade details.

What should I do now? I received a payment with trading ID but I do worry to hit the confirm payment receive button. Because I fear this is a type of scam and I will loose the money by any type of chargeback or bank account freeze if this is a fraudulent attempt.

Should I ask the buyer for proof? He did not write me in trader chat.

I would be grateful if you could help me with the best course of action in such a case to prevent fraud. :frowning_face:

I have checked the bank identifier (not account code) online and I can see it is related to Transferwise Limited Bank but the payment method was not transferwise nor do I have transferwise. but the buyer seem to use this info? I dont know transferwise.

I guess that is a case for mediation.


Hi welcome to Bisq :slight_smile:

Yes this is a case for mediation.

Select pending trade and click: ‘Ctrl + o’ or ‘alt + o’ or ‘cmd + o’ to open a mediation case.

For more info see: Dispute resolution - Bisq Wiki

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Hello, thanks for response. I have noted the hotkey. thank you.

Well I was so much scared about scam. Actually could clear things out.
Buyer used account info for payment account that is closed and does not exist (anymore).
But now I trust the Buyer made a mistake and did chose old bank account for payment. But I did not want to sign old wrong account information by confirming.

Finally I know no bad could happen If i still would confirm the payment receive and by this as far I understand sign one more time the Buyer account info. If it does not exist, he cannot receive money to it anyway afterwards. :thinking:

Yes you should not sign wrong account details. This would be bad for future users that trade with the buyer.

The case needs to be completed by arbitration. That way the buyer would not get signed and your trade can still complete successfully if all agreed (buyer, seller and mediator).

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