Trade cancelled, funds still locked, help?

so tried to do a trade, buyer sent me revolut link instead of direct payment, anyway seemed fishy (i now know its not), anyway i didnt wanna click any kinda link, he requested a mediator and me and the buyer agreed to cancel the trade, the mediator suggest ‘x’ payout, think i lose my deposit (dunno why) anyway wanted to get it over an done with and told the mediator i Agree and buyer also says he told the mediator he agreed, but my BTC is still locked and the ‘ticket’ has been closed (this was last week!), anyway mediator chat is visible to me thru the bisq app support menu and he/she tried contacting me yesterday, but since the ticket has been closed i cant reply, ive tried requesting a fresh support ticket but it says i gotta wait 1779 more blocks - Jun21st before i can -what can i do?

Hey @FreshPJs Your best solution is to reach out to the mediator through

You can find your mediator’s Keybase name using this wiki doc —>