Trade cancelled

Hi, my trade got cancelled since the other party’s ClearXchange account was not setup to receive funds. However, I was the one who got charged the trade fee.

Please refund my trade fee. I attached a screenshot to the ticket.
Trade ID: zzido

Thank you.

You did not reply for 3 days. As stated in the TAC 2 days is max. period for replying otherwise the dispute get closed in favor of the other peer.

Hi Manfred,

This was my first trade attempt.
I tried to transfer the money, but as I said, the other party’s ClearXChange was not properly set up.
I hope this won’t be be my first bitsquare experience (0.03 BTC for a failed transaction which that was not my fault)

Any way you can help?

Thank you.

I am sorry to hear that.
Can you tell me why you did not reply for 3 days?
You can try to contact the peer by email (you see his email at his ClearXChange account if open the trade details - click on trade ID) and ask him if he is willing to refund you the 0.03 BTC.