Trade Closed - Never got my BTC

I have Zelled the requried amount to the seller and he confirmed that he received it. I installed hotfix this morning. However, the entire trade is now closed and in the ‘Failed’ section and now I am left with money I have Zelled to seller and my deposit is gone and no BTC from seller.

Is there support that can help me??

Hi. Under PORTFOLIO > OPEN TRADES you can click the little ‘i’ icon next to the trade ID to see the trade info. There you can see the trade’s details. The multisig transaction is the Deposit transaction. So copy that transaction ID and you can check it with your btc node or on a btc explorer if you don’t run a node. If that transaction is unspent, then your funds are still locked in the multisig.

Thanks for helping me out huey! It shows unspent so that gives me some relief lol. I am in contact with support over at Keybase. The guys have been awesome.

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