Trade completed with wrong payout transaction

I just created a new offer and something very strange happened: After I confirmed the new offer creation, I immediately got a notification that an open trade has completed. At first I thought the seller has released the funds, but when I didn’t see the available balance increase, I started to worry and looked around for what might have gone wrong. Then I noticed that the payout transaction listed in the pseudo-completed trade was actually the funding transaction for the other offer that I had just created.

I am very worried about my funds right now, but cannot open a dispute because the trade is already in the completed list. What can I do now?

The arbitrator’s onion address is 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999

Hey, just to save everyone’s time and make this process quicker for every party involved:

I’m not from the bisq team but to make the troubleshooting possible for those guys you should provide at least the trade ID.

You should be able to see it under portfolio>history

The arbitrator will need this information, else he doesn’t know which trade it was.

Usually they also need to know the onion address of your trading peer.

If you can provide this info now, they will be able to respond directly with an answer instead of requesting this info from you later.

Oops, I’m sorry, I completely forgot to mention the IDs, probably because I am in some kind of panic mode right now and just wanted to post this as fast as possible…

Trade ID: qWOEr-46c2357b-a46f-483b-bb52-cd4b2dcf51df-080
Deposit tx: 23d5d901c40c7ccb509a6b2a27e67c45af651601710a459ff24c7860f47f426d
(Fake) Payout tx: 538616b29359617506f6ca02d3276636ff6db9070a5c5678f330724331296e65

Btw, I noticed that Bisq sent the security deposit of the newly created offer to the payout address listed in the contract, so is this why it thought the payout already happened?

Can you see the payout in the portfolio/transactions tab?

If you can see it there, it might be that just the “available balance” field hasn’t updated yet. If that’s the case (you can see it in the transaction history), then you can fix this by deleting the SPV file and resyncing the SPV chain.

No, the transaction is listed as “Maker and tx fee” for the newly created offer there.

Okay that’s weird indeed. If it got used as maker fee you can get it refunded tho.

Best to wait for someone of the team to check out what exactly happened since I’m not really a professional and just speaking from my experience from regular trading here.

Well, I guess the funds are still safe, as on the block explorers it looks like they haven’t even left the multisig wallet yet. Now the question is if the seller also sees the transaction as completed of if he can still release the funds to me. But even if he can’t, the arbitrator should be able to, right?

Yeah it’s a 2/3 signatures wallet. Given you confirmed the payment you gave 1/2 signatures required. Your trading partner has one and the arbitrator has one signature. So in case your trading peer is unable then the arbitrator can provide the 2nd signature needed.

An odd issue indeed.

Don’t worry about your deposits, as long as you have your seed words, your coins are safe. We don’t need the onion address of the other peer, but we could use a onion address of the arbitrator, so we can contact him directly here.

You might be experiencing some GUI issues though.
The (fake) payout tx definitely didn’t directly come from the multisig, so it is not a payout transaction. It looks like a normal trading fee transaction whose coins have a history of another Bisq trade.

The deposit tx, as I can see, is not spent yet, so those funds are in a multisig and the arbitrator will be able to help you out here.

I already mentioned his onion address in the original post in case you missed it. Looking at other threads, he seems to be @keo

Oh yeah, I saw it, but I forgot by the time I read the whole thread. :smiley:
Yeah, that is keo. He should see this now that you mentioned him.

I do not see this trade in my list. In case of remaining trouble you should reopen it, cmd-o I think, so I can see it.

We could wait for the other trader to open a dispute eventually, otherwise these funds would have to be unlocked manually, I assume.

EDIT: I see now that these funds have been unlocked and the transaction is pending confirmation.

Oh, so you didn’t do anything? In this case, the other trader must have been able to release the funds and did so, because I have the balance in question waiting for blockchain confirmation now. But for some reason my “available balance” shows too much now, the transaction seems to have been counted twice.
Also, the payout address and another address are listed twice in the “Funds” section.

I think something is really messed up with my data directory. I’m too scared to open any new offers with it now. So what do I do now? Stop trading until all trades in progress are cleared and then start over with a new directory, restore my seed and copy over the account age witness stuff?

Yeah, you can just start over with a new data directory to be sure.
I wouldn’t restore from the seed words, but optimally generate a new wallet as well.
Just withdraw your coins before you leave the old data directory somewhere, although there shouldn’t be any issues with restoring from seed words either, just cleaner this way in my opinion.

You could also try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings before doing anything, just to see if that fixes up the balances on it’s own.