Trade data dump

Is it possible to get a CSV file or some kind of data dump of trades? Basically the data from the trades chart and list in the program. I see there are APIs but I am not technical enough to use them to grab the data. Thanks!

Hello @Ross what kind of operating system are you using? Check out this page --> for how to run Bisq from the CLI.

As for which argument to use you can do… if you using windows:

cd  %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Bisq

start Bisq.exe --help

This will list all available arguments, you may want … --dumpStatistics= (default: false)
If set to true dump trade statistics to a json file in appDataDir

Although if you just want trade history. Open Bisq, go to Portfolio and click on EXPORT TO CSV in the bottom right corner.

I hope this helps, let me know!


I want all the trades so I can look at the data, not just my trades. I tried doing the command line proms and nothing happens.

. Same if I put in the dump sats part above.

Hmm i don’t use windows so troubleshooting is a tad difficult.

You’re doing this from within a powershell/terminal window? When running start Bisq.exe --help does it return anything at all?