Trade didn't go through; no action from mediator; now what?

  1. BTC seller’s bank account information was incorrect so my fiat payment was returned to me.

  2. BTC seller notified me after my payment started that the bank account information was incorrect.

  3. Trade ended 11 May 10:49. I opened a support ticket in Bisq for the trade, but neither a mediator nor the seller responded to my chat. Now 50+ hours have passed. My understanding is that the mediator should have responded within 48 hours, right?

  4. How do I now move on? Should I Ctrl+O to open a new ticket, to get this trade to the next state?

Trade ID = bpqdi-6e7f809b-acca-4dde-909f-d9649d57db57-162

Your mediator is probably huey, who is not feeling well lately and stopped responding to tickets. Will be back ASAP, if not, you still have the possibility to open arbitration.

Correct; it says “huey735”. Seems as if there are very few operators, I am surprised. It’s odd that it was assigned to him when he’s not available. (get well soon.)


I fear the platform process is broken? A single mediator being away should not prevent issue resolution. Get well soon, Huey!

It’s been a week since the deal fell flat, and still no response from any mediator even after several tickets and attempts to raise attention. Who can I address this issue to?


I’m sorry that the trade can’t be solved, but the mediator assigned at the beginning of the trade is the only one to propose payout suggestions. Your options are:

  • Create a manual payout: not recommended, it’s quite complex and need a smooth peer’s coordination.
  • Wait for Huey: I think that’s the best choice, he’s the one who informed about his status which means that he has not abandoned the project.
  • Wait for arbitration to be available. That’s the backup plan, and can be activated only after 10 days (alts) or 20 (fiat) since the confirmation of the deposit transaction.

I don’t think that the dispute resolution process is broken. The arbitration was made for when mediation was not successful or your peer is not responding. This is a case where mediation is not successful as there is not mediation provided (yet).
I understand that the situation is not very comfortable right now for you, though.

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Resolved*: The mediator responded kindly, and I have accepted the proposed payout.

*I hope the counterparty also accepts, and the deal can close.
Thank you for your kind assitance!


I have 2 trades that need to be closed for over 2 1/2 weeks but no response from mediator or the buyer.

I even have a successful trade that has been ongoing for 1.5 months and I cannot close it, but again there is no mediator.

I even went on the Keybase app, but the only support contact, Wiz, is out of reach according to the App.

Is there anyone in Bisq that can help resolve & close cases? I am starting to think that the Bisq platform has been affected by some external factor since there have never been anything like these delays over the 3-4 yrs I have been using it.


Hi @Funk4Lif3 do you know who you mediator is for the trades? If you go to >Support > Mediation you should see the name of the mediator assigned.

You can message them on Keybase. Their names on Keybase are the same as in the Bisq app.

Unfortunately there are occasional problems with messages not being delivered. They may have not seen your message, or they may have replied and it has not arrived at your end. If you have not heard back after a couple of days you can resend the message in the Bisq app.