Trade expiration

How long will my trade last in the system if there are not takers? Will I get my deposit back once it expires?

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there is no timeout. if no taker takes your offer it will stick forever. with a good price chances are high to get executed fast. u can cancel your offer any time (u lose the trade fee and the tx fee u spent when u created the offer)

I placed the order on a market that has very little liquidity with what seems to be an unpopular payment method, so it will probably linger for a few decades. I think the orders should expire after a few days, this way people could get their deposit back and be more careful about market liquidity and payment methods. Expensive learning curve. Thanks, its still a good idea.

Which payment method did u use? The trade fee is not high but the tx fee unfortunately since the last months…

National bank transfer in a country that there is no liquidity, so people from outside the country cannot sell to me. My mistake.

It does need to expire after a while and return the unused deposit, perhaps next version of the software you can add this feature.

If you get no takers you can advertise your offers on other channels (boards, facebook whatever).

This way you attract new traders which is awesome and really helps the community.

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You don’t lose a security deposit if you cancel the trade, if that is of your concern.
The trade fee is small and it’s purpose among other things is to stop spam. If you would get it back there would be no cost of burdening the system with bad offers.