Trade expired


I would like to know what happens when my trade is expired and no on is taking my offer, can i get back the amount of BTC locked in trade ?


There is no “expiry” for trades on Bisq. Trades stick around as long as (a) your computer is online* and (b) you don’t explicitly remove the trade**.

* if your computer goes offline, the trade will be removed from the offer book, and re-added to it when your computer comes back online.

** if and when you remove the trade from the offer book explicitly, yes, the amount of BTC locked in that trade will be returned to normal, spendable state in your wallet.

Thank you for your reply,
How can i remove the trade from the offer book ? i only have the ability to open a dispute !

Trade and offer are two different things in Bisq. Trade only takes place once the offer is taken and once that happens it disappears from the offer book. If you are prompted with a button to open a dispute, that means that you have a trade that took place and the max trade period elapsed.

You should open a dispute as it seems like you weren’t aware that the trade took place.

I started the trade ! but the offer is no longer available, and i want to cancel my trade to get back the locked amount of BTC. How can i do so ?

Well if the trade has started then offer is not available anymore, this is the way it always works.
You can’t cancel a trade once it is in progress, you can only open a dispute and explain your situation to the arbitrator.

Thank you for your time.