Trade ID 47921938 stuck in "wait for payment", but payment already received

My Bisq client v1.5.6 on Windows 10 says “wait for payment” even though I (seller) have already received the fiat funds and the buyer confirmed in chat that he has clicked the button to indicate he started the payment. already has 186 confirmations. I have received the fiat funds from the buyer, and I want to move to the next step but my client doesn’t show the button for it.

This appears to be a bug that was described and ostensibly fixed precisely one year ago: see [ issue #3905 on Github ].

I have restarted the client. I did an SPV resync. Did not help. What can I try next?

As far as I know this happens from time to time.

The messaging about started payment etc. is not always reliable.

Maybe you can ask the mediator for help.

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So you’re saying this is a bug, and I should open a dispute even though I am not disputing the trade itself?

I am not familiar with mediation in practice – the way I read [ how mediation works ] is that I can ask the mediator to force the deal through (according to its original contract; without changes). Is this correct?

Yes, the mediator can propose a payout transaction that in your case would be the regular payout of a successful trade. This procedure is a workaround for the missed message.

I opened a ticket and requested it. Almost immediately, exactly this resolution was proposed and I accepted it. Now I just need to wait for the buyer to accept it too, and things will be as they should.

Thank you for your guidance!

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Not exactly accurate. Mediators could suggest any payout, that both traders need to agree with as funds are temporary locked into a 2of2 multisig address.

What happens when one party does not respond to the suggestion?

His security deposit could be taken by the other trader.

You can send funds to DAO address and start arbitration. A refund agent will investigate and refund you.
It’s explained at next step on wiki, after mediation.