Trade ID COBILML. Please respond to Dispute or Make Payment

Trade has been pending for 24 hours. Monero payment has not been made by the seller.

Please either make the payment so I can release funds or respond to the dispute.

There has been a recent monero fork, have you updated your wallet to make sure you can see the transaction?

I have not but I was using version 13. I deleted keys, ETC to make sure that the wallet did not just need to re-scan. Still nothing.

I just did another transaction which also did not show up in another wallet. I suppose it may be on my end after all. I am syncing right now under version 14 and hopefully that resolves this issue.

It would be beneficial for some kind of message to be passed from traders to let them know they had indeed made payment. This isnt the first time this has happened with my wallet balance and its hard to know if they didnt fulfill their end of the trade or you are having an issue with the GUI which seems to happen all the time to me for some reason.

I will report back with results.

well i mean there is a payment started button they hit when they have made the payment

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I updated to the wallet version 14 and it turns out this was the issue. Sigh…

Apologies to the other trader for having to wait.

I think most ppl are understanding the week of a fork. But for future reference, I try everything on my end first before arbitration because now you have to wait on them which is probably gonna lock your funds even longer

I did try quite a few things before resyncing since it takes forever.