Trade ID HCPNODDA stuck waiting for blockchain confirmation

I entered into a trade as BTC buyer as maker. However, the trade is stuck at the “wait for blockchain confirmation” step and has been so for quite some time now.

I attempted to open a support ticket within the application (Ctrl+O), and it asked for the deposit transaction. But the deposit transaction is not listed in the trade details window, only the maker and taker fee transactions.

Trade ID: HCPNODDA-95316c3a-fa45-4924-a780-a2179c7bbf65-080
Maker fee transaction ID: 10098540d0ff953a60fbbd5bc15d3217510098a0f1a9817953e92a295f12930e
Taker fee transaction ID: 67f26c473efae0d37c835d0752f80d276fe43c502b8981cca1104cb3e21c878e
Selected arbitrator: 3de2y2bhifakoa7m.onion:9999

Any help would be appreciated.


Seems there was a bug with the take offer process.
Both trade fee txs are unspent. So no deposit tx has been created. Tell the arbitrator to close the case there will be no payout tx as no deposit tx is created.
If you have afterwards the offer still open, close it. U can ask for reimbursement at:

Do u have latest version installed?

Thanks for the response.

Yes, I am running the latest version 0.8.0.

I am not sure if a case has been opened yet already. I did not open one as it prompts for the deposit ID which doesn’t exist. And no open support tickets are showing within my app.

You can just select any deposit tx from the provided list in the popup. Just tell the arbitrator that there was no deposit tx created and u can refer to that posting here.

After further questions I will explain a bit more how to find out if a trade fee tx was leading to the deposit tx.

In the bisq trade protocol there are 4 transactions created:

  • 2 trade fee tx (maker fee and taker fee tx)
  • deposit tx
  • payout tx

The 2 trade fee tx are spending the trade fee to the arbitrator on the first output. The second output is used as input for the deposit tx. A third one is a change output to oneself.

So if you want to know if all is correct you can check both trade fee txs and follow the second output if they lead to the same deposit tx. If not the deposit tx is either not created or anything is wrong.

Not all blockexplorers have intuitive Ui to see that quickly. I use where it is pretty clear IMO.

In that case you see that both are unspent so no deposit tx has been created.


Thanks for the explanation!
One thing I don’t understand is why is the taker tx showing 0.0330726 as the second output, when I assume it should be 0.0030?

All transactions have now confirmed for trade HCPNODDA. I believe these delays were caused by fee spikes, probably the one around around 2a CET today. In any case, the buyer can now go ahead with their payment. Let’s continue the discussion in arbitration chat. I’ve sent you a message there.