Trade in limbo

I put a BTC transfer to an exchange six hours ago. The trade has been without confirmation for all this time.Can you help?

You should check the transaction on the block explorer to see if it was broadcasted in the first place.
It is possible that there is some kind of a transaction backlog on the Bitcoin network since we already had a user couple of hours ago on this forum whose transaction is not confirmed even though it is successfully published to the network.

There are websites which indicate the state of the bitcoin network, if tx can go their way easily, or if it will take time. I’m sorry, I don’t have the links under my hand.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to check the block explorer or how to read it. If I can read it, what do I do to correct the problem.

Is this what I am looking for. What do I do with it?

It just showed up. thank God

Yeah, it just took some time since it seems like Bitcoin network is a bit full on transactions right now.
Block explorer showed that the transaction existed which means that it was just a matter of time for it to be confirmed.

Hi, This is exactly what happened to me as a buyer. I accepted one offer and the Transaction is stuck in the first step “Wait for blockchain confirmation” for over 5 hrs now. The status says that deposit transaction has been published but when I check on the network, the transaction has not been published (and there are no confirmations).


I restarted the app but the status is still the same.

Noah, you seem to be having a different issue. Jerry’s transaction was published successfully and there were no bugs, it was just the whole Bitcoin network that seemed to slow down a bit.

Your transaction seems to not be published. Can you check if the both maker fee and taker fee have been published? If the taker fee hasn’t been published either, you can just delete the SPV chain file in the Settings and resync, since funds never left your wallet.

Here you have a visual explanation about yesterday’s bitcoin network big delays :,24h
If you want to trade, but are not in a hurry, it may be useful to look at those graphics before deciding, or not, to jump in the water.

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It seems the fee estimation still does not handle quick rise of fees well. Hope we find some dev who will work on that. Checking helps to get a bit of an idea how the situation is.