Trade limits

Can someone explain the trade limits?
Is it per transaction or daily etc ?

It is a limit on the amount of BTC you can sell or buy with a certain payment method in one trade.

There are no daily limits, nor there can be, since it is trivial to make a new account.

You can start or take an offer and exchange BTC for other crypto or fiat. When someone takes an offer a trade process starts. The trade limit is just the maximum amount of BTC you can exchange when you create or accept an offer.

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Thank you that makes sense
So you can make as many trades as you like as long as its one BTC or less

Yes. As long as the trade limit is not exceeded for that trade.

Are there any other crypto coins that can be traded ?

BTC is always on one side (buy or sell) of the trade.

The most relevant cryptos (100+) can be traded and there are plans to build an exchange network with different base currencies (LTC, DOGE, DASH…)

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