Trade locked, and no response from support

Hi, don’t know what happened, but the deposit was not unlocked after trade and I opened a dispute ticket to ask what is going on now everything is stuck in limbo and no answer from support.

Hi, I am a mediator and had one trade go to mediation where there was no ticket for the BTC buyer so was not able to message them.

Can you reach out to me on Matrix: Matrix - Bisq Wiki

My user name there is:

I am the bitcoin buyer and the sellers confirmation was stuck so we decided to cancel the order. I have the dispute open. trade id 0265409, I am stuck in dispute mode and can’t cancel the transaction therefore my deposit is locked. also i have not heard from the seller. is it a bug and really this situation has been mediated? i cannot close this ticket as well, it says it is closed when the transaction went through. I do not know what to do.

First and most important, since you seem to be a new user:
Have you tried reaching pazza at You’ll be able to share trade details so we don’t have to try to help you in the dark.

If you were the buyer and seller received the payment but could not press payment received, which is due to unreliable Tor connectivity, he should have opened mediation to finish the trade.
Once mediation is opened, mediators will reply in 48h. You have a lot of time before taking the trade to arbitration, which is the next step of dispute resolution and should be used when there is no mediation agreement possible (there is a bug or your peer is not responding). To open arbitration you need to wait 10 days for altcoin payment methods or 20 for fiat.
You should be able to talk to mediator at Support - Mediation tab, and there you will read the mediation suggestion when the mediator closes the mediation ticket. Both buyer and seller need to accept mediation suggestion at Portfolio - Open Trades tab or the funds will remain locked.
You don’t need to worry about the funds, as long as you can prove you did the payment (it looks that seller is acknowledging the payment was ok) and reply to mediators.

Just following up to say this trade has now been completed and payout has occurred. Many thanks @toastmachiner