Trade moved to 'failed' after 3 trade refreshes

I have a trade (sepa transfer) that has been moved to failed after buyer did not pay me by bank and not answered me for days.
Bisq asked me several times to refresh the trade and now it is in faild and my wallet is empty.
How to withdraw my 0,0160 BTC ?
It is trade number;

Please some help/advise,

How did you solve this? I have 3 failed trades and my bitcoins are gone

Hello, Bisq experienced a security vulnerability and had to issue a hotfix. This has led to many failed trades.

The funds are still locked in the multisigs. You can verify this by following these instructions:

Go to PORTOFOLIO —> OPEN TRADES, click on the ‘i’ icon next to trade ID. The multisig transaction is the ‘deposit transaction’ Take that transaction ID and you can verify on any blockchain explorer or your own node, if the funds are unspent then they are still safely locked in the multisig.

More info on this to follow.

If you have a failed trade, follow this wiki to locate your mediator. You can reach them via the Bisq Keybase support channel.