Trade not completing

My trade: SPCQP is not completing. I have not received a response from the arbitrator. I’ve already received payment. I tried using PageSigner to show the deposit but it always fails with ‘recv: socket timed out’.

It was also not clear whether I needed to open a dispute in the first place. The payment was confirmed received after the trade period was over. It turns out ClearXchange took a long time for the buyer. Even though I confirmed payment receipt, it was waiting in “Wait until peer finalizes the payout transaction” for a few days. So I clicked open dispute. Was that correct?

How do I get it moving forward?

You can just wait some time more for the arbitrator to respond. I think it is absolutely fine to open a dispute after the trade period has elapsed.

The dispute was closes because I did not get any response from you.
Didn’t you see my messages? Maybe there was a bug causing a problem here. I apologize if that was the case. In the next version there are a few bugs in that area fixed but i happens usually very rare that the chat system is not reliable.
Can you PM me a screenshot of your trader and dispute screen, so it is easier to see what is the situation on your side?
The payout is done and the peer received all because you did not respond (or a bug caused that our communication was broken - if so i can refund you the deposit or try to get in touch with the peer if he is willing to refund it).

Indeed I did not get any message. I can send my screenshots. No need for a refund as I’m ok if the trade completed. How do I send you a private message with screenshots?

I can’t figure out how to send you a PM on this site. Am I missing something obvious? I responded to the ‘welcome message’ in my inbox instead. Here are some screenshots of what my client looks like now:

Just click on Manfred’s name in the reply and it will bring you to his page where it has a button in the top right corner that says “Message”.

Here is what I see in the top right corner:

I’m sorry, but this has got to be the most non-intuitive forum software I’ve ever used.

Yeah, something probably isn’t working correctly for you. For me it shows a big blue Massage button below my avatar circle when I click on someones page.
Can you go to that message icon when you click on your avatar circle, the second one on the right of your name. There you should see the messages tab from your profile and a big blue “new message” button on the left like you have on most mail services. Alternatively you can click on your name in the replay or that avatar circle and go to your profile where you have a messages tab.

tried different browser? different device? what OS are you on? do you use any plugins that might block it?
crazy comment. this is great forum software. works well on mobile too. android.
one other thing to try. you can also go to your profile page - top right - click on your V then the letter/messages icon. click on new message, punch in username you want to message.

I sent you a PM.