Trade Offer not taken since weeks

As a newbie I made an offer to buy bitcoins over Bisq. I set the spread to -4%, meaning that I would pay 4% more then the market-price in €, but no one is taken the trade since weeks.
Am I doing something wrong or is this normal ?

Go tosell btc tab and look for the relative place of your offer, the higher the better. Then If you see a similar offer, try to take it. You’ll see how much does it cost for takers: if the amount to be traded is low, the costs in mining fees will be way over this 4% you’re offering to the taker. Trading costs - Bisq Wiki
Also, after the recent drop for BTC price, there are much more people trying to buy BTC than sellers.

You might not be doing something wrong if you’re trying to buy over 100USD, but lately market conditions make it quite difficult to use Bisq.

Remember that you need to keep your node online to broadcast your offer, otherwise it can’t be taken.

4% will be taken quickly if the offer is for 0.01 BTC or over and a popular payment method such as SEPA / Revolut.

If the offer is smaller than 0.01 BTC or if it is using a less popular payment method eg HalCash it will take longer to sell.