Trade process remains grey

This refers to trade G7VNKBZ.

As trade process is not active there is no way to start a dispute. Still I have payed to the account details of trade id G7VNKXBZ-7e278bd8-f76c-455f-a047-6a34b8a0e37c-094.
This was naive but due to another running dispute I did not want to cause an extra issue.
I have resynced spv. running 0.9.4
Would somebody please help me ?

you can open a dispute manually by pressing alt + o

Tried that but in the list of transactions the same address for the maker and txfee ha been used for another trade too. So the list of trades that is selectable for a dispute doesn´t include this trade. Nor does it inlude the other trade.
id nbrs 1db29514ea12300feb0312e4a9c79ce0560980793c5278341b5b5f19da41f40e



the seleted arbitrator is s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999 but I dont kno how to contact him/her.
Can anybody help me how to proceed?

This is @keo’s trade. You can contact him here.

I don’t see the trade and cannot do anything before I do.